Risk Consulting Partners


Curt Engler

Life insurance plays an integral part in protecting any business. From a risk management prospective we see many uses for various types of life products custom designed to business needs large or small. Our clients see the importance of not only insuring their assets and liabilities, but also the people that are valuable to the growth and success of the business.

The main coverages we provide with life insurance:

  1. Business succession planning
  2. Key person coverage (both replacement or incentive)
  3. Supplemental retirement plan
  4. Discounted life insurance for employees (payroll deduction)
  5. Deferred compensation for owners and executives
  6. Executive bonus plans
  7. Split dollars
  8. Institutional retirement supplement plans
  9. Mortgage life insurance for the higher end marketplace (residential)

As for our scope of process and service we have:

  1. Global underwriting for competitive pricing
  2. Access to all major carriers
  3. Special risk underwriting
  4. Online “fast path” process *
    *$100,000 to $2 million face amount ages 18 to 60