Risk Consulting Partners


Belynda Hereford
Sheri Rushing

We serve the unique and dynamic needs of growing renewable energy companies, from start up through commercial operation and initial public offering. We facilitate transactions by connecting clients to venture capitalists, private equity Firms, and Family Offices engaged in supporting sustainable growth.


RCP Clean Energy insurance practice tailors risk management programs for the
following clean energy and clean technology companies:

  • Developers, owners, and operators in the business of producing electricity
  • Bio-fuel and specialty chemical producers using feedstock other than petroleum
  • Equipment manufacturers and firms developing new technologies and processes that will mitigate climate change
  • Financial services firms active in the growing market of monetizing environmental attributes
  • Service firms in energy efficiency and sustainable supply-chain management


Knowing the legal, regulatory, and financial environment in which our clients live, means we are in a unique position to fully assess their risk profile. We ensure there is no weak link in the relationship between the client, broker and underwriter. This often provides us the ability to negotiate broad terms, conditions and pricing. By providing risk management solutions that perfectly match our client’s unique clean-tech risk profile we deliver value that unfocused brokers find difficult to achieve.