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Rachel Breeden

Directors, Officers, & Corporate Securities Liability (D&O)

Whether for a publicly-traded or privately-held company, D&O insurance is intended to provide defense expense and indemnification protection for statutory directors, corporate officers, and the corporation for securities and creditor claims, breach of fiduciary duty derivative demands, and related regulatory investigations.

Today’s corporate environment is faced with a multitude of management litigation and enterprise risk. Risk Consulting Partners Executive Risk practice employs an integrated approach to corporate and individual liability that effectively balances the use of D&O Insurance, contractual indemnification benefits and corporate governance best practices for the purpose packaging your company’s story to D&O underwriters in an efforts to reduce premium expense and improve coverage. And when litigation happens, RCP’s approach to claim advocacy will manage the notification process and carrier relationship that usually reduces coverages disputes early on.

With direct access to over 30 US-based carriers and Lloyd’s syndicates, RCP can aggressively market both publicly-traded and privately-held companies that creates competition in the marketplace for our clients. RCP’s Executive Risk Practice success is a direct result of the trust and partnerships we’ve established with our clients.

Financial Institutions Errors & Omissions & Directors & Officers Liability

RCP’s solely dedicated to serving traditional and alternative investment managers, broker-dealers and banking institutions. RCP is recognized for an analytical approach to evaluating exposure, creating custom-designed solutions, and a quick responsiveness to the ever-changing dynamics of an industry facing ever-changing regulatory pressures and market volatility.

RCP’s integrated approach provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the financial sector, including insurance due diligence, program structure analysis and advice, risk modeling and analytics, coverage critiques and audits, program placement and stewardship, and claim advocacy and recovery.

Private Equity Programs

General Partnership liability risk at the firm level and the portfolio company level can vary significantly. Alleged fiduciary duty of loyalty breaches insured capacity issues and inconsistent indemnification language can result in gaps in protection and insurance coverage for principals of private equity and hedge funds. Inconsistent policy terms and conditions between the various portfolio company D&O policies can result in cost inefficiencies and other uncertainties relative executive protection as a result of merger and acquisition activity. RCP’s due diligence process ensures a belt and suspenders approach to both the investment in and divestment from specific enterprises.
RCP help’s educate buyers and sellers of businesses by:

  1. Evaluate the risk and expense management of the target company.
  2. Quantify and define preclosing liabilities.
  3. Provide post-closing insurance budgets for pro forma financials and the subsequent placing of post-closing insurance programs.
  4. Create efficiencies to meet client financial objectives and exit strategies.

Family Office Liability

RCP’s Executive Risk Practice provides insurance services to family offices, private family trust companies, and closely-held family-affiliated ventures. Our experience covers all the insurance needs of the enterprise and family alike—personal and commercial, management and professional liability, employee benefits services, and specialized areas such as aviation, mergers & acquisitions, and trustees E&O.