Risk Consulting Partners


Heather Gardere

Protecting your largest asset; Property risk management

Providing the correct protection can vary widely based on not only the asset but the geography of the asset. We use a comprehensive approach and coordinate our vast resources to perform an evaluation that not only addresses the values at risk but the various hazards that could impact your buildings, personal property, stock, furniture and fixtures, equipment, etc. We take this a step further and determine what bearing certain losses might have to your business interruption and loss of income. This includes evaluating your potential contingent business interruption exposure.

We tailor a strategy that captures the coverage you need in a cost-efficient manner. By leveraging our extensive underwriting relationships, we negotiate the best available capacity, terms, conditions and pricing.

Our property specialists are ready to help you with:

  • Property evaluation
  • Risk transfer vs risk retention analysis
  • Coverage review and analysis
  • Deductible analysis
  • Loss prevention and mitigation
  • Loss control
  • Claims management
  • Catastrophic modeling
  • Builders’ risk
  • International