Risk Consulting Partners


Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions

“Heather Gardere and Scott Uhl at Risk Consulting Partners really helped us understand what to look for and what our business needed when comparing E&O insurance companies and polices. Ultimately, we moved our insurance to RCP because they took the time to educate us on the policy details.  No other company did that.  We recommend RCP without hesitation.”

Steve Cobb, Managing Partner

Summit Development

“Since our initial engagement, several years ago, we have been very impressed with RCP’s experience and depth of knowledge. We find the RCP team to be creative, responsive and advocates for our business.  Their overall approach to our account, along with the resources they can access, have elevated our entire insurance program beyond the limits of our previous (local) broker.  And, our team has enjoyed the working relationship we have developed as they address our ever changing insurance needs.”

Bruce Sokolik, CFO

Reliance Bank

“Reliance Bank had the pleasure of working with Risk Consulting Partners’ experts, specifically the employee benefits team including Racheal Petty, Paul Schultes, and Veronica Wood. RCP worked to provide a comprehensive employee benefits program that is also affordable for the employees and the Bank itself. The team members were truly partners and represented RCP well!

Because of them, we love working with RCP, and you are fortunate to have them.”

Courtney Stotler, Executive Vice President Human Resources

D&S Fencing Co., Inc

“Warren Dunnegan has been the insurance agent for D&S Fencing for many years. He has earned our trust and loyalty by providing excellent, concise, and speedy service. He surrounds himself with smart, capable office staff who are always eager to help in any way.

Mr. Dunnegan has always been a calm and honest person to work alongside. He’s proven to be an asset to us in that he is open to discuss any topic at anytime and genuinely wants to help. He’s also a kind person and he prioritizes the needs of his clients, he and his staff do have the best interest of their clients at the forefront.”

Patricia A. Schaeffer, President

Morris Capital Management

“RCP has been a diligent and supportive Partner for us in multiple portfolio companies and in a wide variety of situations and dynamics. They have always been very responsive, thorough and helpful.”

Tim Morris, CFA, Partner


“I consider Scott to be one of the foremost experts on D&O and other Specialty Casualty lines in the country. He is particularly adept at providing innovative solutions for complex risk categories and has a very deep technical knowledge of this space. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients and has consistently provided us with favorable terms and coverage enhancements. Scott commands a strong understanding of the more macro financial considerations affecting D&O in particular and is continually learning and evolving his understanding, given the changing complexity of risk. I highly recommend Scott Uhl.”

Steve McElhiney, CPCU, CEO & Chairman

Independence Energy, LLC

“Scott has placed the General Partnership D&O liability insurance for two of Laredo Energy’s private equity sponsored oil and gas E&P companies. Scott’s working knowledge of policy language, indemnification rights, board oversight liabilities and corporate finance was integral in affirming that we had purchased the appropriate level and quality of D&O coverage that’s aligned to the asset size and financial risk exposure of our upstream energy enterprises. I recommend Scott to any energy-sector company or fund that is desirous of gaining a better understanding of how D&O insurance is intended to respond to securities and business litigation risk.”

P. Richard Gessinger, Principal

Permobil Inc.

“As General Counsel, managing the risk for a constantly changing company can be a challenge.  However, having partners such as RCP makes my job easier.  They have earned my trust and, as a result, our business.”

Chris Javillonar, General Counsel